Saturday, March 30, 2013

40 Days of Gratefulness - Day 40

GOOD MORNING!!! Let me talk to you for a minute. Yesterday was incredible, I spent the entire day attending 2, did you hear me 2 ... 7 last words by 7 women services and it was PHENOMENAL. In fact, it was the best Good Friday ever! Just yesterday morning, my Day 35 post made my church online bulletin with Extra! Extra! Read All About It! as the headline. LOL ... I'm published ;-) I digress, my roomie (Day 23) spent the entire day with w/me and I appreciated each and every second. Let me tell you, this gratefulness thing will blow your mind, change your heart, stop you in your tracks and help you recognize. Hello, somebody! I'm moved that I would even make it - that for 40 days He would see fit to let me share with you. Next, I'd like to extend an apology to my 'peeps' because pretty much I've been out of the loop - well, I'm back with a grateful heart. Brunch next week? And for the record, there is no way I could stop this thing -- stay tuned ;-) Now, that I've got that out of my system ... Let me begin ...

On the 3rd day, yes the 3rd day of documenting this 40 days of gratefulness aka journey to joy, it came to me clear as day what this gratefulness, joy journey was all about. Ready? It blew my mind and keeping it a secret was killing me. I didn't even tell my roomdog (Day 2) and I'm not very stealth as my LG (Day 23) says. What I've learned is that we are not to travel this road alone, meaning if we have joy it's to be shared each and every chance we get. I'm no bible scholar but as Christians we are called to be a witness for Christ. And It's no accident that this would come to me on the 3rd day -- we all know the significance of 3 in the bible, The Father, Son and Holy Spirit, He rose on the 3rd day. WHAT!! If I ever shake this Episcopal church upbringing I'm going to shout all over the place.This intentional awareness of recognizing grace or choosing to be more focused on all that God has blessed me with ...  has helped me to know him better and trust Him more  ... what's that scripture, Proverbs 3:5-6 ... just a sec ..
Trust in the Lord with all your heart And lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight. 
 Wait, it gets better, here's the Message translation ...
Trust God from the bottom of your heart; don’t try to figure out everything on your own. Listen for God’s voice in everything you do, everywhere you go; he’s the one who will keep you on track.
It's a simple premise, Trust him more -- meaning I need to get out of the way. Where is my roomdog (Day 2) and LG (Day 23) those chicks are good for a shout and a praise dance.

Now, I'm still a work in progress as they say and will continue reading the bible in one year -- God bless the Israelites, who knew Genesis and Exodus was so long. Needless to say, is that so many folks have encouraged me and ministered to me on this journey that I thought on Day 40, what I'm most grateful for is people whom He has placed around me. Angels by Richard Smallwood, with Maurette Brown-Clark singing comes to mind ...

Unseen hands, guiding me,
through my storm and through my rain.
Healing hands, holding me,
through the darkness of my pain.
Wings of love encamped around me,
so I will not fear, for I can feel their presence hovering near.

For I can feel their presence .... whew ... I'm talking about folks who blow my mind with their generosity, kindness and sincerity. People who are intentional about this faith walk and their calling. People with vision. People who are younger than me who inspire me everyday. Eunique Jones, EU. Yes, Baby Girl, I tell you all the time I can't wait to see what He has in store for you. And to my LG, my unstoppable unicorn, I see you! I see everyone who has crossed my path for a specific purpose - there are no coincidences. That is so clear to me. People who I meet once or twice whose energy or what I like to call, SOF (that's spirit of favor) leave me smiling.

Oooh, and these two folks who I'm about to call out. Have you ever met someone with real joy. Remember joy isn't a feeling - I think folks believe it's a feeling .. nope, it's a state of mind, it's a place where you choose to stand in firmly so that even when you're having a bad day, when 'all hell is breaking lose', when you're between 'here and there,' you still have it.

I have had the distinct pleasure of meeting, befriending and falling madly, sisterly-in-love with two ladies who are really my heroes - I just never tell them - til now. Wendi Nowell and Rev. Adriane Wise. LOL. They are both going to pass out because they're just that humble.

Wendi aka wendog because she's an honorary roomdog (Day 2). Wendi is calm, easy and one of those folks you instantly like but can't explain why. The type of chick who loves an adventure, has great energy and is comfortable in her own skin ... taking the 33 street bus or riding in a money green Phantom (that's an obscure, Jill Scott reference but she'll get it). She plays a mean game of spades, can cook like somebody's Big Momma and is all love down to her bones. She initially seems quiet but she's not - I've never once heard her complain, she is slow to anger and stays angry for about as long as it took you read this paragraph.

Rev. Wise
Rev Wise aka 'Adriane' when we're alone is my friend. Yes, we met at a random church class (Day 27) she taught and she couldn't shake me off with a stick. She is an old soul, prayer warrior, who is probably walking around with some holy oil in her purse, right now. Her personality is larger than life, she's not loud but she's definitely in the mix. She talks to everyone, believes in the Lord for real and I know that her secret prayer is that everyone is saved.

What's interesting about these 2 ladies is that they are similar in their countenance, their cooking abilities, their ample bosoms ;-) but their approach is different. Wendi aka Nana eases in while Adriane comes in loving you to life, as she says. Now, neither of these ladies have biological children but I would be remiss if I didn't' mention that they have Momma written all over them. The way they care for, minister to, teach, befriend and love on folks, is nothing short of a miracle. Pull-ease. It's in their ample Momma bosoms to the way they cook a good meal and pray over it. It's in their countenance, it's in their demeanor and it's simply just who they are.

To me, they are shining examples of what the Lord wants for each and every one of us, pure, unadulterated joy. To me, they embody joy each and every day in how they live, love and serve.

Ladies, I love you both to the moon and back. I appreciate each and every time we get a chance to share because there's a lesson in nearly every conversation we have - whether it's letting go to letting God or how to cook a mean stew. I thank God for both of you and am looking forward to continuing this journey to joy with you along the way.

So on this 40 Day of 40 Days of Gratefulness, I am grateful for Joy. #beblessed #40daysofgratefulness


  1. Lil Bit... I'm sitting at the computer with tears streaming down my face... I would call you, but I cannot speak at this moment (what a concept, me lost for words). Nevertheless, I appreciate your kind words and I was definitely blown away when I saw my picture!!! I LOVE YOU TO LIFE and am GRATEFUL TO GOD FOR ALLOWING OUR PATHS TO NOT ONLY CROSS BUT STAY CONNECTED! Smooches and Big Hugs to you!!!!!! I will call you later, when I can speak. :-)

  2. Cel, you are ABSOLUTELY correct in stating that I would pass out. The strokes of your pen have me stuck, but in a great place. To hear that you see me in a way that I see as the exact opposite is amazing. I am GRATEFUL that "Day 2" thought it not robbery to share you in her world. YOU, my dear are the blessing and I am proud to call you sister and even more proud to call you friend. Love you! - Wendi aka NaNa