Wednesday, March 20, 2013

40 Days of Gratefulness - Day 31

Ever want something so badly you can almost taste it. I'm talking about wanting something so much that it's pervasive, suffocating and stifling. The type of thing that you want to put all your energy into; spending all your time trying to figure it out. You are ready to move and shake, pulling out all the stops and playing all the angles. You want to run different scenarios, document mind maps or go old school and IDEF model. You research, read books, check the Internet, blogs and good ol' fashioned gossip. Do you know what works? Hey, I have an issue, have you heard the latest?

Psalm 86:6
And with all your moves, planning and shenanigans, you don't have a clue. You can't seem to find an answer. Being passive-aggressive doesn't work. What if I tried good cop, bad cop? Or I'll just be bossy and try to order folks around. But none of it works. So you go back to the drawing board, check your play book and try a new formation. But, it's not working. Dayum, what's next? And at the end of your laundry list, after your resources have been exhausted and your mind is spent, you start to get the picture. This thing may not work out the way you'd like no matter what you do. Pretty much, you're just spinning your wheels.

As Christians, we're all aware that God is in charge. We acknowledge that He is the center of our lives, and all things work together for His good. But what if His plan, isn't one you like or subscribe to? I mean it happens, you want your children to have the desires of their heart, you hope your family is happy and healthy, and you hope your marriage will last. But, what if you are not on board with God's plan. It could happen, you didn't get that job you wanted. Maybe you can't afford that house you dreamed of or perhaps you thought you would be married with kids by now. Whatever it is that you hoped, dreamed and prayed for - it could not be in God's divine plan for you. But how do you get around it?

Ahh, I could go on about a gazillion things that happened or didn't happen to me in my lifetime. I don't have a lot of regrets, I'm only ashamed of a few things and I know that I wouldn't be right here with you without His grace and mercy. Old folks say I could have been six feet under. I say I could have been in jail or on drugs or abused but I'm not. I'm heading steadfast down this journey to joy with everything I got, full steam ahead, looking for ... I don't know what's on the other side but I'm excited, exhilarated even and a little nervous about what I'll find. I recognize that everyone can't go where I'm going and sometimes it hurts. People who you thought would be with you forever are not. Places you thought you'd go you haven't. So, what's a chick to do?

Psalm 86:6 begins with 'Hear my prayer, Lord ...' I'm simply supposed to pray. I'll leave you with one of my favorite prayers for it was written specifically with me in mind ;-) and I've modified it specifically with you in mind. Be Blessed!
"God grant me the desires of my heart. God give me the strength to stand. Bless me in the city and the field. Command your angels to protect me. Let your Holy Spirit fall FRESH on me. Hold me in your right hand God. Incline me to forgive, heal, encourage, help, edify and pray for your people. Fill me with joy, peace, love and happiness.
In Jesus' name, Amen!"
So on this Day 31 of 40 days of gratefulness, I'm grateful for prayer. #beblessed #40daysofgratefulness #prayerworks

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  1. Pray without ceasing. :-). I pray that you keep doing and being your highest best!
    Rev. ABW