Saturday, March 9, 2013

40 Days of Gratefulness - Day 22

Whew. Guess what I did this morning? I slept in and it felt glorious. I was still hurting from the other evenings' boot camp.

On this particular evening, I really needed boot camp and I got it in. Here's a few pictures ... just me showing off my perfect planks. Look at that form. Ha, I was feeling no pain. Guess that's what they call being in the zone or what I affectionately call the boot camp buzz. Work was pretty stressful this week and I needed to blow off some much needed steam. So what do I do. I went to boot camp and you guessed it, I hurt myself. I was perfectly fine on the drive home. Even when I stopped by Kmart to do a return. [ASIDE: I'm grateful for Nordstrom's customer service, their return policy and the fact that they do not sell money orders and Western Union.]

But by the time I came home and ate. I was fading fast. I had to pull out all the stops. Fill up the soak-in tub. Check. Add Epsom salt. Check. Vitamin I, also known as Ibuprofen. Rats! It was downstairs and I was in no danger of going back down those stairs. And once I was clean and cozy, a world of hurt was coming in fast. I know that my lower back will feel like somebody kicked me with my favorite Nike boots. Or perhaps my arms will feel like somebody dragged me down the street by them. Or maybe it's my neck, what was that popping sound I heard when I turned to the right? Yikes.

So there I was, resigned to drinking water from the bathroom sink faucet because I couldn't imagine taking those steps, again. And the heat must be off because I was starting to get stiff.

And while I ached everywhere, boot camp was amazing as usual. It cleared my mind and relaxed me. In fact, I had planned to spend another evening discussing how accomplished and strong I felt afterwards. How it was good for me, how I was grateful for the instructors and how it made me feel healthy. But the only thing I could concentrate on, was my bed, the thread count of those sheets, the pillows, and the lamp near my bed.

You see, one of the other benefits of boot camp, is the amazing rest. They'll be no tossing and turning. Can't stop worrying about over sleeping? Boot camp will clear your proverbial plate, your wandering mind and your worries. They'll be no 3 AM bathroom breaks, no night sweats, no sleeping pretty to preserve that hair do and you might not even need pillow or covers.

So on this Day 22 of 40 days of gratefulness, I'm grateful for good, restful  sleep. #beblessed #40daysofgratefulness

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