Wednesday, March 6, 2013

40 Days of Gratefulness - Day 19

Code Red. That means work is closed, it's a snow day! It means today is going to be filled with tasty treats, clearing off the DVR and good second sleep.

That's one thing about snow days. They are like God's way of making us still. Worried about that report you wanted to get out? Well, don't worry, you can send it out tomorrow. Worried that your meeting will be rescheduled? Don't, that too can wait. Worried about that salon appointment? Hmm, I hope they're open, we do like to look good even on snow days ;-) The bottom line is to not fill this day with worry, chores, catching up on work or continuing your bad attitude. Fill this day with something fun, free and fantastic.

What? It's been so long you don't know what to do? Catch up on the blog. I'm free all day, shoot me an email. I'd love to laugh with you today about all the silly things I've shared. That's what I'll spend some time doing today. Know what else I will do today? I'll be open to the possibility ... the possibility of finding yet another thing to be grateful for, the possibility of making this day incredible, the possibility of brightening someone's day with a call, email or text ... letting them know I'm thinking of them. I'll be enjoying that lemon cake I bought yesterday, I'll enjoy a fabulous breakfast, I'll watch the Bible on the History Channel, and I'll be spending some time gazing out of this here window. I will reserve today as a free day to think, do and feel better about any and everything.
Now, it's no snowmageddon out but it's pretty and peaceful. That's the kind of day to make this. Time to be still. Time to read your favorite book. Time to add music to your iPod. I know, there's a gazillion things to do around the house but let's all be in the 3rd grade (Day 9) together. Got the winter blues? Shake it off. Got clutter? Pack a few bags for goodwill, no organizing today just purging. Been mean, hateful and spiteful? Exercise. I'll do a few planks today because they make me feel strong. Home alone? No worries. Do all of those things you dream of doing if you were on vacation. Get in your favorite chair and relax - mimosas are on the breakfast menu. Married? Mad at your spouse? Roll over and apologize, life is too short to hold stupid, petty grudges - it wastes time and you could be off being grateful together. If that doesn't work, take off your shirt. C'mon are you with me - let's make today incredible.

I know, the grind will be back tomorrow but today we're all still. Brings to mind a bible verse, Psalm 46:10 'Be still and know that I am God...' What did I tell you? Snowdays are his way of making us still.

So on Day 19 of 40 days of gratefulness, I'm grateful for snow days ... and being still. #beblessed #40daysofgratefulness


  1. Cel, I would like to first say that I am very proud of you & to know you. I am not surprised at all by your accomplishments & the way that you shine so bright. Big gifts do come in small packages. You were always the woman that you are now in my eyes. When Deneen forwarded the attachement to me at work, I wanted to find myslef a empty cubicle and read the entire blog, but I'm one that can't be missing too You know me:,).Well I used my snow day wisely. I got some rest & fed my mind & soul. All I can say is thank you!!!!Very inspiring. I'm looking forward to more & you have helped me to make some changes today!! Thank you my ya forever....Sharon

  2. LOVE IT!!!


  3. Amen.....quoting one of my favorite gospel songs "I'll stand still...until...Your will is clear to me"...