Friday, March 22, 2013

40 Days of Gratefulness - Day 33

major free time
Well, I must admit that after yesterday's post, I started to wonder what in the world would I do when this 40 days of gratefulness was over? What would I do with all this major free time? Free time to think, feel, just be or  to make the day magical. Maybe I could write a book? Well, let me tell you, if Keith Sweat could author a book, I could too. Or maybe I could write poetry? Jack and Jill went up the hill ... Let's try that again Jack and Jill went up the block to cop  ... Yeah, you see where this is going. Poetry is not my cup of tea.

Or perhaps I could learn a second language, like Spanish? That way I could communicate better with my cleaning lady (Day 16). I only have to say the word and she's off. I ask her if she could dust the ledge in my bedroom, she smiles. I ask her to put the alarm on when she leaves, she smiles. I ask her if she wears my robe and rolls around in my bed when I leave, she smiles. You get the gist. Generally, we make do with texts using some translation app until she throws out a word, esquecho, that the app can't translate. But outside of that we do just fine.

Or perhaps I can find a new hobby, like jogging? I've been trying that for just about a year and I'm still struggling to run just one mile. It doesn't help that the only music that motivates me is the worse old school rap -- yeah, music that's so suspect I have to encode it so no one knows it's on my IPOD. That actually reminds me of a funny story. I'm out running one day and just as my headphones come unplugged from the iPhone, I ran past an elderly couple, with B2K's Bada Boom blaring:
'This one, I seen
Couldn't believe the @$$ in those jeans'
Niiice! You can imagine the looks I got. Yup #fail on jogging. Hmm, what about golf? I do like it and secretly believe I could be good at it. But it's expensive and folks are impatient -- just because it takes me 15-30 minutes per hole, go around already! And why don't they sell frozen margaritas or daiquiris on the greens, I'm not a beer drinker thank you very much.

I even thought about what it would fee like to have my dream jobs. Yes, one of my dream jobs is to be an admin. Let me tell you, I would kill it. There would be fresh, hot coffee and plenty of supplies. Bagels on Fridays and Donut Day to commemorate the day before every holiday. I would order supplies that's needed not #2 wood pencils. I would be friendly, my area would smell like vanilla and I would be welcoming and engaging. Oh, yeah and I would do work like I am paid for it. But I digress.

Karamel, authoress

I kept thinking about all the fun and magical things I could do. My new activity should be both fun and magical. It should be worthy of your free time. It should make you think, feel and most of all, laugh. And as I typed, I came up with a great idea. How about a short story? I could do that, right?  All I would need is a set of characters, a storyline and voila a short story is born. But, how could I possibly keep the 3rd grader (Day 9) in me at bay. Rats!! I can not, I absolutely need her today. In fact, this short story is dedicated to the 3rd grader in all of us. It's entitled, 'The Karamel Chronicles' and it's authored by none other than Karamel (Day 10) herself.

 '2 Random Chicks @ Zumba'
The Karamel Chronicles
Whew. I'm so tired, it's 6:00! And what's all that dayum racket? Sorry, just in case you didn't catch my name, it's Karamel, that's right, KiKi for short. And I'm rooming with these 2 'random chicks.' Just look at them, smiling like idiots. Who poses at Zumba with water bottles in their hands. Straight shenanigans, I say. The tall one hasn't lived here for long but good grief, she is noisy. Do we really need to hear the 'hallelujah chorus' each and every morning? And what's the deal with her and that body glitter. Every times she comes up here, there's a trail of sparkles everywhere. Body glitter, sparkles, pullease. They call it 'booty dust' where I come from. I know, the short one thinks that tall 'random chick' is saved but what saved person wears body glitter everyday? Riight, she's saved.

Every day it's the same thing - crazy soprano singing from the tall 'random chick' and the short one takes forever to get ready in the morning; she wastes her entire morning lotioning up and playing scramble with the tall random chick's pop. And if she turns on that TV, I'll never get back to sleep. Up here planking in a 'wife beater.' Someone should tell her that a 'wife beater'  is not a pajama top. You're not 20 anymore, honey - step it up a notch!

Random bootcamp picture
And she could give those red patent leather boots a rest. They're cute, but red patent leather is not a neutral. All they ever do is talk. They talk about listening to the Bible on CD. The talk about tasty treats. They talk about bootcamp and it gets on my nerves. If I hear the word, bootcamp or see another random bootcmap picture, I will literally pass our right here from boredom. And really, must they get on that frigg'n 6AM prayer call every Friday? Don't they know a bear needs her rest? That short one gets to crying and the little one plays music - LAY DOWN already or take your noisy behinds to work.

Red patent leather is not a neutral!
Body Glitter, REALLY!

And must you both eat everywhere, there's crumbs, Uncrustables' wrappers and empty soy chocolate milk drink boxes all over the place. Did I forget to mention that that short one leaves her shoes' everywhere? Maybe that's why she wears those red patent leather boots all the time, she can at least find them. Shenanigans, I say.' ~Karamel~

Hmm, that's my first short story ... who knows? Peace! Have a magical day!

So on this Day 33 of 40 days of gratefulness, I'm grateful for free time to make the day both fun and magical. #beblessed #40daysofgratefulness #makeitmagical

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    I see the book SERIES! We are about to make this happen! :-) I'm very serious!!!! It's a wrap! I see another stream coming into your house... you need at least 3 to 4!