Saturday, February 22, 2014

40 Days of Gratefulness - Day 52

"Somebody left me at Ikea."

That's pretty much how I'm feeling these days. Now, let's be clear, Ikea is fun. Yup, there's tasty treats, games, baby sitting services and more space than you can imagine. Kids love it, parents love it, students, newlyweds - you see where I'm going with this thing. But Ikea has something for everyone. Pretty colored items, neat things to look at, pretty boxes to put your pretty things and for the most part, it's very affordable.

Oh, yeah and if you get hungry, you can go to the bistro' and get a hotdog or swedish meatballs or swiss chocolate bars or swiss fizzy drinks and it always smells like cinnamon buns. That's Ikea for sure. It's all-consuming, doesn't have any windows and you could spend all night in there fooling around. I like to think of it as Disney World ... but without the mice. But wait, there's more. It's set up like a maze so you're never really sure where you'll end up and as you make your way through, perusing - your imagination stirs up.  Hmm, if I bought that shelving system and put it in the garage, I could park my car in there. If I had this purple lamp, I would read more in my family room. Ikea is always chocked full of neat, unique surprises. In fact, just the other day at Ikea, I saw this pink Benz in the parking lot. That would only happen at Ikea but do you know why?

First, Ikea attracts all types; professionals, regular joe's, engineers, project managers and artists. Secondly, Ikea isn't just a furniture store - they don't just sell rugs and funky chars. The ikea floor plan or un-floor plan has a purpose. Ikea works and is successful because they sell possibilities for your life - not simply furniture. Your blah office space could turn into a work of art - like my pretty new office.

my office
Check it out. That entire wall of shelves with linen-like-covered boxes looks good! It even makes me feel better. I feel ... kind, smart and important when I work in there and it's soo nice, I'm planning to put in a comfy, cozy chair so that I can read and take naps. The owner of that pink Benz, an artist or Mary K Consultant, could have gone to a gazilion other furniture stores but nope, they too came to Ikea - not for a desk - but for a possibility. Obviously, they have a fabulous imagination. But they came to Ikea for a way to make their living/work space - aah, their life and home ... better. More organized, more colorful or more interesting. Yes, who doesn't want more for their life and believe me, Ikea understands the allure of the maze or as I affectionately call it, the adventure. They understand that having cool kitchen gadgets make you believe you'll entertain more. They understand that furnishing your first apartment or shopping with your boo is fun with cinnamon buns baking in the background. That image only completes the dream, the possibility that you will be happy if you take something home and it's limited only by your imagination.

But with all the fun, folks are having at Ikea ... whatever idea, dream, plan or possibility I ... ooh, I mean Ikea sells me, I must remember that Ikea has a few pitfalls. Who's going to put this thing together? How long will it take to read those stick figures they call directions? Yikes, it can't fit in the car! How am I going to get it home? And who's going to come pick me up with all my new possibilities in tow?

And that's exactly where I find myself these days. Life is intoxicating, colorful and an adventure especially when shared with the folks you care about the most. My good days certainly outweigh my bad. But, I find myself struggling with an important relationship - it's changing and things no longer seem the same. And while my life is intoxicating, colorful and interesting - they aren't right here by my side to experience it with me. I've picked up the phone to call them a dozen times, forgetting we're in a bad spot. Dayum. I didn't get to take them on the maze this week and show them all the pretty things Ikea ... oh, I mean life has to offer. I didn't get to tell them about that pink Mercedes Benz. I didn't get to tell them over those $1 cinnamon buns that I miss them so very much and how very important they are to me. I didn't get to tell them that I feel like somebody left me at Ikea. And that I'm waiting patiently for them to come pick me up and give me a ride home.

$1 Cinnamon Buns
So on this day 52 of 40 days of gratefulness, I'm grateful for rides home from Ikea. #beblessed #40daysofgratefulness