Thursday, March 28, 2013

40 Days of Gratefulness - Day 38

'I don't know what I'm going to do.' 'My mom was just rushed to the emergency room.' 'My last day is Friday.' Just words on paper, right?  Well, 3 people called me yesterday to share some news. None of it was good news. Rats! Just 2 days ago, I was pumped about having a good day (Day 37) but as they say 'all good things must come to an end.' What!! Strong-Side-Eye. Have I learned nothing these 38 days, woman up, chick!

C'mon now. If there is only one thing I must capture, remember, chant or say under my breath, 'it's that I choose gratefulness.' No bad day, no crazy news story or no shenanigans can deter me because I choose it. I choose it just like I choose what I eat for breakfast. I choose it like it's on the top shelf of the cabinet where I pick it up and put it in my lunch bag. I stick some in my shoes and I put it in the glove box for a raining day. But just yesterday, 3 people, no not people, 3 friends called to share some bad news.

At first I was floored, what is it that old people say 'You know, they come in 3s.' LOL I think that's reserved for bad news and pregnancies ;-) You know what I did? I looked in my lunch bag and pulled out a grateful snack - why did they choose to call me? Did they think I would have an answer? Nope. They called me because we're friends. Yup, let the Jedi-mind-meld begin. They, too have fallen into this here gratefulness thing. They could have had a pity party, simply cried their little eyes out but in the midst of their concern, worry and fear they picked up the phone or dropped by my desk ... looking for a different perspective, some insight or just someone to listen. They could have called their 'messy sista girl' or a 'drama filled family member,' but nada, they called yours truly and hopefully I rose to the occasion.  I didn't solve anyone's problem, I didn't dispense any secret life-changing information, I simply listened just like friends do.

For the record, I have a gift. I know, its sounds crazy and I'm not tooting my own horn. In fact, I have even joked in women's bible study that my ministry is 'befriending, unfriendly chicks.' LOL A good friend of mine jokes me all the time, calling me a 'friend to the friendless.' HAHA That cracks me up. See I understand that the unhappiest people are those that don't have friends. No, for real.

What it amounts to, if you're ready -- come with me now, is that without a doubt, I have no shame, embarrassment, or fear about telling folks how I feel about them, how I have their back and how I try to have good intentions, period. I'm not encumbered by conventional practices. I will buy you a gift for no reason. I have no shame ending a call with 'Love ya' or just dropping by to you house to 'hug ya neck.' I have no shame in making up stuff like 'Roomdog Day' where I reserve one-on-one time with my roomdog (Day 2) or hold family meetings with my roomie (Day 23) exactly one month after she had moved in. Ok, I did suspend those family meetings but that's another post. LOL That's just how I am. See, I know that what under girds all great relationships is real friendship, plain and simple. The kind that runs deep and wide. Ladies, you don't just want any good, Christian man, you want a good, Christian man, who's your friend. I digress.  So, when troubles hit my door, I have to get ready. Ephesians 6:11 says 'Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil's schemes.' Whew. If I ever shake this Episcopal up-bringing, I'm going to shout all over this place. The devils schemes, didn't I just talk about shenanigans? Uh, oh, I hear a organ banging out a chord just for me, is the choir singing 'Yeah. Yeah' Where's that roomie of mine, I could have a little church up in here, right now.

So once I was sufficiently prepared for the devil's shenanigans armed with gratefulness, I could help my friends. I could encourage them, I could pray with them ... I could even plank for them right there at my desk. I could simply talk with them for while. While I didn't magically solve any problems or make their day incredible, I made them feel a little better and that's what friends do.
Best Friends: Karamel and Butterscotch
Now, the first rule of having a good friend is that you have to be one. And let me tell you, I must be the hottest chick on the planet because I have the best friends, ever. I'm not kidding! I have friends who have scheduled their honeymoon around my surgery date, who have stayed with me the entire time I was in the hospital. Friends who let me borrow their car for an interview while they took the bus. Friends who pray with me, pray for me and write custom prayers with me in mind. Hello, somebody! I have friends who signed me up for a 'random church class' (Day 27) which would change my life. I have friends who would leave their jobs and go into business with me, when my company was one person deep. I have friends who don't judge me when I fall out after 6 AM prayer, they just play music on their iPad. I have friends who would call me up just yesterday to pray for me as I was headed out to accompany my mom to a doctor's visit. So if these friends, are any indicator of the type of friend, I am, then that means I got it going on. Whew.

You see each person called me because we are friends.  They knew that no matter what they were going through, I was going to go through it with them. And I know the same. They knew I would listen and try to make them laugh. They knew I would be willing to cry with them, ride with them if needed, make strong phone calls on thier behalf, write letters, plank on demand and when all else fails, make them tasty drinks.

See in this era of reality TV, real housewives of anywhere -- women are portrayed as frenemies, cutting each other down with their words and actions. Wearing meanness, hatefulness and spitefulness like it's a Gucci clutch to be cherished and proud of ... For the record, I don't know a 'dayum' thing about that for I don't have friends like that  and I'm not that kind of friend.

So on this day 38 of 40 days of gratefulness, I'm grateful for real friends. #beblessed #40daysofgratefulness

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