Friday, March 15, 2013

40 Days of Gratefulness - Day 27

Ever wonder what brought you to this exact moment. It's no coincidence, that you would find yourself sitting here reading these words. I know, it's crazy that God has some master plan for all of us, that a series of seemingly 'random' events would lead us all to this exact moment in time. It's no accident that 27 days ago, I would be led, Yes, led to even start this blog. I had talked about blogging for months but killed it with fear. What would I name it? Who's my audience? Simple questions that I couldn't answer so I moved on. Moved on till Ash Wednesday, when a 'random' comment from my 'random' roomie (Day 23) would send me hopping up the stairs to get started.

Why did I not recognize that when I first attended college (pre-cell phones) that I used to write letters and stories all the time. In fact, folks often commented that 'they could hear my voice when they read them' and many of you have shared that same sentiment. LOL. I actually used to write stories to my boyfriend at that time and I even had a pen name, Gwendolyn P. Morgan. Do not ask, his pen name was Walter Morgan. Yup, we were married authors, LOL. I have to call him, we're still pretty good friends. Of course, these stories were about our future together - I'd call them love letters but we were from the city and we could never use such words as 'love letters.' They were full of childish hopes and dreams but we had a fabulous time reading and writing them.

Did I miss something way back then? Or am I right where I'm supposed to be at this very second, sharing with you? But looking back, I believe that there are a few 'random events' that brought me right to this very moment. That these seemingly 'random events' would lead us to sharing our journey to joy with each other. You didn't now? You've been right here beside me for the ride. We've had fun these last 27 days, getting to know each other, we've laughed and and we've cried. It hasn't always been pretty (Day 26) but I recognize that there hasn't been one moment, do you hear me - there hasn't been one moment throughout these 27 days where I felt alone. Not one. And that's because this journey isn't to be traveled alone. Whew, I'm jumping ahead ... back to those 'random events.'

About 10 years ago, my Roomdog (Day 2) tells me that I must come to church with her. This wasn't out of the ordinary, we went to church periodically ;-) back then. I was somewhat suspect as she grew up C.O.G.I.C or holiness ...  I don't really remember, I just know she was very comfortable making a lot more noise in church than I was.

She told me that I was absolutely going to love the choir and how they sang the Lord's Prayer but ...

'But What!' I say.
'But, it's Baptist.' my Roomdog replies.
'But, I'm not going, you know I can't take all that noise.'

Yup, Baptist church was foreign to me. All that 'Say yeah! yeah!' What in the world was that about? I could barely pay attention with all the shouting, jumping up and down shenanigans. And why was is so noisy, I couldn't even hear the sermon? And who are those people that just tear down the aisle running? Where are they running to and why don't they get tired? And exactly how long was the service? It was not going to happen. The only time I would have ever run in church, was if there was a fire.

Now, before you get offended, I grew up Episcopal. We simply didn't make loud noises or pronounced movements in church. In fact, I remember every now and then my mother would put up 'holy hands' and I would give her the strong side-eye. No one else in the church had up 'holy hands,' did she really need to do that? Good grief.

So, off I go to church with my roomdog and she was right, I loved the choir. Oh, and the preaching ... and the people ... and I got caught up. I didn't go every week but I really enjoyed the times I attended. One particular Sunday afternoon, my roomdog informs me that she signed us up for a class. Cool, I thought. Photography, line-dancing, or maybe cooking? Nope, she signed us up for a church class. A church class. REALLY! What was I going to learn in some 'random' church class at a baptist church? About hats or how to stay cool wearing stockings in 100 degree weather? C'mon!

Needless to say some 'random' chick (Day 2) I met in a ladies bathroom would led me to take a class at some 'random' church, Metropolitan Baptist Church (Day 35), where I would meet my 'random' roomie (Day 23) at Bible Study, who would make a 'random' comment and I would end up right here. Who knew that a series of seemingly unrelated, 'random events' would lead us to this specific journey to joy.

'random chicks' from my 'random church'
So on this Day 27 of 40 days of gratefulness, I am grateful for each and every 'random' event.  #beblessed #40daysofgratefulness

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