Monday, April 1, 2013

40 Days of Gratefulness - Day 41

Well, it's Day 1 after 40 Days of Gratefulness and while it's definitely a victory. I'm torn, what will I do after this thing is over? What's going to happen in the next chapter of new me? It's funny, I missed having a little something to share yesterday and thought I would go to my new found friend, my confidante, my safe space, my blog. I'll try to keep it brief. Who knew that this thing would change me so profoundly? I feel different. It has to be good but I'm nervous. Nervous that perhaps some other things have changed in the meantime. Some things I hadn't expected.

Some things I've been running from, I simply cannot anymore. Which means the next few weeks, I can feel it, will be resigned to doing more hard work. It'll be well-worth it but I'm nervous about it, not fearful  - I left that fear somewhere last week (Day 36). But there is something different, folks I'm close to - I want to hold on a little tighter. I haven't decided what that looks like. Should I send folks cards? Write them funny stories? Or make them tasty treats? I haven't decided yet but I'll keep you posted.

As for Easter, it was indescribable. Church was fantastic and a straight Holy Ghost set-up. As usual, Pastor took us all some place new. Some place wither 3 scriptures and 3 trees. It was great. Some place where the Holy Spirit showed up and showed out. Some place where the choir fell out. Some place where folks fell out. Some place where children gave their lives to Christ. And some place where no one can quite remember what happened after the offering. It was a fabulous celebration. Dare I say, it was the Best Easter ever. 

I did get to sit with my roomdog (Day 2) which was great. I wanted to hug her neck the entire time because I hadn't seen her for 2 weeks. But it was great worshiping together and I got to hear her sing which touches me each and every time. Now, she's no Whitney Houston but there is something about her voice that's textured and colorful. Aah, I do love my roomdog.

Anyway, I savored my notoriety ;-) ...  it seems Pastor saw fit to send my blog (Day 35) out to the entire church. Let me tell you - it feels good - like I won the lottery. Folks reading it and taking the time out to respond affirms me like you wouldn't believe. After church, I was off to brunch with my church family and it felt good. The meal was delicious and the company was delightful.

... the choir fell out ...
So on Day 41 of 40 Days of Gratefulness, I'm grateful for Easter Sunday. #beblessed #40daysofgratefulness

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