Tuesday, March 12, 2013

40 Days of Gratefulness - Day 24

On Saturday, I slept in (Day 22). I had been super busy all week and found myself needing some much needed downtime. Work had been crazy, my energy level was low and I was still healing from boot camp. But, it was gorgeous out. I told myself that I couldn't go out and play unless I had finished my chores. Needless to say between my so-called chores, the day escaped me. And even with my 'choosing gratefulness' I found myself wishing I had spent my day better.

'I took B out w/my lucky visor'
Perhaps I could have done something more productive, like prepare my taxes or even gone out for a walk, letting the sun shine on my face. Here I was midway to Easter and lamenting. REALLY! Lamenting about all the wonderful things I could have spent the day doing. Taking a walk, riding my bike, taking a drive - you name it, I came up with a gazillion scenarios. I even promised myself that I would not waste the day away on Sunday.  [ASIDE: After church on Sunday, I took B (Day 18) out with my lucky visor] C'mon, where in the world was miss-make-it-incredible? Have I not learned that 'choosing gratefulness' is a choice and I needed to get to choosing, fast. And then something unexpected happened, there was a knock on my garage door.

I had been so engrossed with my chores, cleaning out the DVR, napping and playing Scramble w/my roomies' pops - I know right - that I hadn't heard the garage door. But back to the surprise and you know I love surprises (Day 21), my Roomdog (Day 2) had stopped by. Now, I talk to her everyday, several times a day but hadn't seen her in about a week and we hadn't spent any what I like to call 'roomdog time' in a minute. 'Roomdog time' is essentially when we get together and do absolutely nothing but enjoy each others company. And generally, it looks a lot like conversation ;-) with snacks.

Now, what's pertinent isn't that she stopped by, she stopped by for absolutely nothing. She didn't need to borrow sugar, eggs or milk. No, she didn't owe me any money and she wasn't even certain I was home until she opened the garage door. But now this mundane day, that I had lamented about became magical. I know right, do we even use words like magical?

And I say magical because within a split second the day no longer felt wasted. Gone was my wondering about how to make the day incredible - it was now chock full of incredible possibilities. We talked about Scandal, upcoming spa days, the mechanic, our costco rebate check, and my much needed pedicure (boot camp is hard on a sista's feet). Basically, I don't know what we talked about but those 60 minutes or so turned the day into an all out 'roomdog party'. Laughing like children, hanging on to each others every word -- we talked about everything and nothing, just like we've done a gazillion times before and I pray that we're blessed enough to do a gazillion more.

'Roomdog Time' @ Nifty-Fifty's
My Roomdog is my friend - for real. The kind of friend who is comfortable pulling my card and capable of waiting me out when I go bananas. The kind of friend who asks me hard questions, expects answers and tells me the truth. The kind of friend who will hold my hand and tell me I'm not alone in this thing. The kind of friend who would support my crazy idea to invite some 'random chick' (Day 23) from bible study to move into my home - bet, she didn't realize she was on this faith walk with us, too. The kind of friend who doesn't mind that I steal all her other friends. The kind of friend who celebrates my achievements and gives me exactly 24 hours for any pity party I might have. The kind of friend, who would transform a mundane day into a magical one with an unexpected visit. And the kind of friend, I know He designed especially for me.

So on this day 24 of 40 days of gratefulness, I'm grateful for surprise visits. Love ya, room! #beblessed #40daysofgratefulness

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