Thursday, February 14, 2013

Day 2 - 40 Days of Gratefulness

Bare with me here - this is my first blog and I'm a little nervous. For the past few years, I decided not to give up anything for Lent - as Lent is a time for reflection, I thought I would 'add' something to what I already have. Usually, I attempt to read the Gospels ... never quite finishing but learning something new each time I read them. For this Lenten season, I would intentionally focus on being grateful for all the things I have. Too often, we live by the 'glass is half-empty' notion and as Christians, we are called to recognize the 'glass as half-full.' To make myself more accountable (meaning to finish) - I would post my journey for 40 days. I pray that it works ;-)

Almost 2 years ago, my second mom, Mommie Bryant lost her friend, Evelyn Winston. I remembered being angry w/God at the funeral. She was a sweet lady with great energy and she was only 65. As I sat there trying to get myself together, Mommie Bryant said 'I'm so grateful that we were friends for almost 60 years.' 60 YEARS!  Wow, that simple declaration made me look at Evelyn's 'going home' differently. So on Day 2 of 40 Days of Gratefulness, I'm grateful to have shared both time and space with the friend of my dreams, Traci Birckhead. There are no coincidences, we met at a C+ training class and exchanged pleasantries during the bathroom break - we talked for hours and haven't stopped. And for this I'm soo very grateful. #40daysofgratefulness #beblessed


  1. I'm so proud of you! Starting is the hardest part... now watch the words fly off the pages! I'm grateful for you and for your ability to trust the process!
    Love, Rev. AB Wise

  2. Sooo very proud. You always do whatever you set your mind to. That's just one thing I love and admire about you, besides being encouraging;). You've been speaking about this blog, and now you've brought it to fruition. Keep up the great work!!!

    Luvs u to pieces♥ ♥ ♥

  3. Cel
    I recognize that through your reflection, all who read it will be allowed to or forced to reflect on their on gratefulness during this Lenten Season. Thanks for taking all of us on your (our) journey. Let us continue the journey. Love to a sistah.

  4. LOVE it!!!! Grateful for YOU, LittleOne! Truly grateful for you!

  5. We are here with you! What am I going to do when you stop blogging- become an ungrateful brat! Lol. Just kidding. This will change lives especially yours! I'm proud of my lg Madame president.

  6. Cel, I too am thankful for your bestie...for thinking it not robbery to share you with so many others. You are a wonderful gift to us all. Love you both!