Wednesday, February 20, 2013

40 Days of Gratefulness - Day 7

Back in October, my BFA, Deneen Ratchford got married. If that's a new term to you that's Best Friends Always. We've been signing that in birthday cards since pagers, Atari and name belts. Back when video games were a quarter and folks were rocking Jordache jeans. Back when penny candy was a penny. A few weeks before the wedding, I got the sense she was feeling 'some kinda way.' 'Some kinda way' is when you feeling uncomfortable but you don't quite know why. I suspect it was because her father was in the hospital and she really waned him to attend the ceremony. She didn't want to have a shower and wasn't sure if she wanted to have a reception or even a honeymoon - she thought it was just too much.

But I called up her real good girlfriend, Cheryl  to see where her head was - we didn't want to stress her out but we wanted to do something. Deneen is the best. She has great energy, is real and it genuinely pleased for other folks when they accomplish anything. If I tell Deneen, someone I knew bought a new house. She doesn't just say that's nice. Nope, she wants pictures and goes around telling folks how nice, Cel's friend's house is - who does that.

After talking, Cheryl and I decided we would take those things off her plate. I called Deneen and told her we wanted to host the reception and the honeymoon. It wasn't too difficult, Deneen's known me for years and trusts me - period. I mean trusts me ... if I told Deneen I was going to open a Starbucks on the moon, her reply would be 'Will it take gift cards?' I mean she believes in me like nobody else. So, I wasn't really worried about her but I was concerned about her fiance. I had met the gentleman on several occasions but he didn't really know know me. He too had great energy and made that girl happier than I've ever seen her. So, I thought long and hard about the medium in which I would contact him. Texting seemed to impersonal - but email was easy. I fire off this well-crafted email - anticipating any concerns as I wanted him to be comfortable. This is his response:
"It is truly a blessing for Deneen to have such precious friends like you. I thank you for all that you are planning to contribute and I am 100% in favor of whatever your hearts' desire is in regards to you being a blessing to us with hosting and/or the honeymoon.  I am also especially thankful for the talents that God has placed in you. Words cannot express how I greatly appreciate you sharing your talents and blessings with us. 
In closing, you have my carte blanche approval, for anything you plan for me or Deneen, of course. Do you need to consult with me?  Never. I am always available and willing to help you plot or plan any surprises for her." 
WHAT?  In this day and age of Bridezillas, Deneen was not. In this day when folks are consumed with information - they weren't. Here I was ready, poised -- engaged for convincing him who were were -- how we rolled and he took it completely off the table. I was done. This guy who didn't know me trusted me not because of anything he had seen me do - he trusted me simply because Deneen did. Deneen didn't even know where she was going on her honeymoon until she checked in at the airport. Who does that? It was so fabulous. So on Day 7 of 40 days of gratefulness, I'm grateful that John and Deneen Price trusted me enough to  plan their special day and I love 'em both because of it. #40daysofgratefulness #beblessed


  1. Awe! I love my Aunt Deneen! She the favoritist Aunt of mine that I never even met. Tell her Nicole said HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY!

    1. Heyyyyyyyyyyyy back Nicci!!!

      I already Thanked you for the part that you played in my special day. We haven't even met, and you still opted to help my BFA. That alone makes me more excited to meet you.....SMOOCHES!!!

  2. Cecelia Toulson, I try to communicate this as often as I can to you; I'm not always sure you "hear" me... You are one of the most sincere, generous, kind, loving, sweet, caring, considerate, smart, superfragilisticexpialidocious PEOPLE I KNOW! Trust me when I say, I trust you to do you! Love you! :-)

  3. Mouth on the floor!!!!! That says alot about you as a person and friend. It also says alot about Deneen and her Hubby trusting you because they trust God!!! Not sure I could have done it. Must have been some honeymoon...

  4. This blog(day -7) dedicated to me means just as much as you planning our wedding. We just had a conversation about how I would like to be more verbally expressive. You blogging really makes me try harder. Eventho I don't always tell you how grateful I am to have you in my life, I KNOW that you KNOW.
    Hence--"You already KNOW" ;)


  5. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful...I am wiping my tears... I LOVE THE STORY, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE DENEEN, AND MR. PRICE!!!!