Thursday, February 21, 2013

40 Days of Gratefulness - Day 8

"Blast at Kansas City Restaurant" - that was the headline I read yesterday morning. I picked up the phone and called my good girlfriend, Kim out in Kansas. I wanted to make sure my 'peeps' out there were ok. I don't exactly remember when I met, Kim - we were in the same class from elementary up to high school. However, I do remember meeting her mom, Mommy Bryant (Day 2). That was back in the day when my grandmother made me go to the A&P (Remember those) everyday. I would see her Mom at the market and she recognized me from school where she dropped Kim off in the morning. She was always engaging, inquiring about school and seemed like a nice lady and she still is ;-)

Well, it turns out, Kim and her husband actually had reservations at the restaurant a few days before the explosion but cancelled so they were perfectly fine. But, it conjured up fond memories of silly things we did as kids. We would go to the drugstore, Manny's, everyday after school for Whatchamacallits candy bars and Mrs. Pac Man. We were so good at Mrs. Pac Mac, we made up handicaps - 'No glasses!' What? 'How about left hands w/no glasses." Yes, this was us as freshman in high school.

Kim was crazy silly, 'mad cool' and had stylo even back then. She would have on all white with a yellow blazer and hot pink MIA flats. I dunno, but it worked. Her parents were even cool. Daddy Bryant, with his Frankie Beverly maze baseball cap and Mommy Bryant, who could work a mean suit, with her perfect manicure and she drove a pink Cadillac. That still makes me laugh. Needless to say, they were good people and treated me like their own and they still do. Her grandmothers were the best too. Nana who couldn't say my name, 'Cel' so she called me 'Feil' and kissed me full on the lips as she always seemed to miss my cheek. And Grandmother Bossie, who loved me to pieces - we once walked on the beach holding hands, not talking just listening to the waves - it's still one of my most fondest memories.  Needless to say, we had some good times and continue to do so. So on Day 8 of 40 days of gratefulness, I'm grateful for my good friend, Kim and her family. Here's my favorite picture of her 3 lovely girls. #40daysofgratefulness #beblessed

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  1. How sweet is this post! I am so glad to know that your friend is safe and sound. Praying for those impacted by the blast in Kansas. Beautiful picture of the children too!