Monday, February 25, 2013

40 Days of Gratefulness - Day 11

Now, I've been supporting the same customer for about 6 years which is a lifetime for contractors. The team started out with some 30 folks and we're down to a skeleton crew and even though we work for different companies, both contractors and clients, we stick together. Last year one of the team members passed abruptly. I think it all left us a little dazed - for it suggested the inevitable, that this effort we support would one day come to an end. 

Since then I think as a team, we've all grown a little fonder of each other -  more appreciative of each other  - taking time to celebrate more ... birthdays, births, the Superbowl champions (GO RAVENS) - making time to exercise together, play Biggest Loser and encourage each other to be more healthy. And while plans are underway to move the team to various locations, I really haven't thought about things changing until something happened on Friday that brought it to my attention.

When we were returning from lunch, we saw the 'cafeteria cashier' leaving. When she saw us, she busted out crying, giving us all big hugs and kisses - today was her last day and as so often, management had forbid her to speak of her departure (I'm still giving the Today Show a strong side-eye for Ann Curry). Now, we've seen this lady for years, spoke to her, inquired politely about her health, family, etc. Never inquiring too much, because it's just work, right? But she told us that she loved us and would miss us because we're like her family to her. Whew. As luck would have it, no not luck because there are no coincidences! Today was the first day ever, I carried my phone into work to store in the electronic lockers, I snapped this picture of her departing from the building. She's only moving to the building up the street and when we say we'll go see her - we mean it! We'll have a meeting and schedule time to get in our cars, travel to her building, find parking, to purchase too expensive, unimpressive food and give her our money, so we can exchange smiles and hear her say 'Thanks and have a good day.' So on day 11, I'm grateful for my team and all the little things we do that impact others in a big way.  #beblessed #40daysofgratefulness

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