Tuesday, February 26, 2013

40 Days of Gratefulness - Day 12

So what's the best gift you've ever given? Ok, so let's set some ground rules here ... It can not be an iPad. Do you hear me, it cannot be an iPad. I don't know why but it's something about and iPad that makes folks go crazy. You could give them a laptop or something that costs even more money -- it doesn't matter, because when folks get an iPad they go straight nuts.

I'm the culprit behind several schemes to buy folks iPads. You know, I'm the one sending out secret emails to family and friends - the more the merrier - folks want in - even cheap folks. I've seen folks straight break down like they've lost a loved one, heading right for 'the ugly cry.' Some don't know what to say. They just stare into space and look like they've won the lottery. It's only a couple hundred dollars and I've had about 10 of your closet relatives, coworkers, friends, neighbors and your church family go in. The folks who cry are the best 'I can't take it. uh, uh (sniffling) it's too much.' Riight? They're going to give it back. REALLY.

The best I've even seen is when folks straight scream. Not the 'Oh, no you didn't!' scream ... uh, uh, the bloodcurdling-Texas-Chainsaw-Massacre- Freddie-Kruger-Saw-in-3D someone is stabbing me dead. The scream that's so scary it leaves everyone within ear shot uncomfortable and nervous. Now, I must admit, I too have drank the kool-aid.

'Hmm, maybe it is too much?' I say.

So what do I do? What any self-respecting, uncomfortable person does, I back-paddle.

'Pullease, Oh, no, we got it on sale.'
'They had a coupon.'
'I bought it hot (I know it's Lent, but let's keep it real)'

Why do I do this? I don't know perhaps I'm crazy, too. I'm pretty generous - I'm not flossing that's just how I am. Gift giving is yet another opportunity for me to make it incredible. But if you think I'm exaggerating, Buy someone an iPad. It's the best gift money can buy! Now, back to the question at hand - the best gift I've ever given - well, that now sounds suspect and could get me in a world of trouble. 'How in the world is she going to be handling out iPads when all I got was a Carrabas gift card.' Yeah!

Let's modify this question a little, what's the best money ya ever spent? Now, I stimulate the economy as much as any 'good American Citizen' but here's a list of the best money I even spent:
    • If ya ever in San Diego ... Check out Extraordinary Desserts. Lemon meringue bread pudding made with croissants was FA-NOM-MA-NUL. That's phenomenal if you're into phonetics. I've been there about 6 times and I've spent a mint every time I go there. It is worth it. That's the apple bread pudding picture there - my roomie, LG (Day 23) went there this summer. This place is the best!
    • Bootcamp (Day 5) enough said.
    • Nike Boots - Not only are they comfortable, the make me feel strong and want to pounce. With them on, I really believe I can do anything. No, no for real. They're great in the snow, they are warm and they are oh so comfortable. It helps that they add a few inches or two as well. Look how cute they are and no one has these with the red bottoms. Still a city girl at heart - I still must have fresh sneaks.

        • I helped plan an awesome wedding for one of my friends. I can't even remember what I gave her - maybe I did the invitations or something. But when I sent a car service to take her and the hubby to the airport for her honeymoon. That took her over the top. $120 roundtrip for the ride. How excited and thankful she was - priceless. 
        • I was heading out on a girlz trip and bumped 2 chicks up to first class. They were so nervous when the flight attendant called their names and told them to gather their things - like they were terrorists. She then bought them up front - It was great.
        • Barbara Streisand. I bought me and my Mom tickets a few years back. It was a gazillion dollars and one of the most stressful nights of my life (I lost my Mom in the parking garage and she's in a wheelchair) but she had a wonderful time.
        • My kitchen. You have no idea how many times I've planned to remodel the kitchen. I mean I would spend hours in the store, picking out cabinets, looking at magazines and then  I would  'go bananas' when they gave me the price. Well, last year, after Whitney passed (I still can't believe she's not here), I finally decided to actually 'remodel' the kitchen. It came out wonderfully. I've had friends over to fellowship and share a good meal. I find myself cooking more, having coffee in the morning and I'm really enjoying the space. Here's a before and after pic.


          So on Day 12 of 40 days of gratefulness, I'm grateful for an abundance which I can use to bless others ... and myself ;-). #beblessed #40daysofgratfulness


          1. It is so interesting to see you 'doing' the blog. I've never seen you so 'busy' with something. It's like when people say they don't have time to date and then they get a boo and bam time falls out of the sky. I am glad that your doing it because you are full on while doing it and that shows how dedicated you can be. I'm not saying your not dedicated but this is just a good example of how your energy for something drives you. I can't wait to see what God is going to do with you for His Kingdom. Once you choose a ministry (one that you know the name of) and I can also see you doing great work in a community organization. You have something of value to offer so don't limit what God can do through you to your small circle of friends (which I am proud to me a car carrying member of). Most people spend their lives trying to pump themselves up to prove that they have value but you already know that you have something to offer. I thank your mom for that because she 'gave you a voice' that most basic black mothers don't give to their children. That's why the rest of us don't know or want to ever talk/deal with how we feel at times. You have a special gift - great energy - a good heart - and a willing spirit! God is going to show you one day how far your hand can reach when you simply raise it for Him. God is all over you and He's shifting the atmosphere - it's moving - it's breaking - ALL OVER! God, I am so glad that I am able to reap the benefits of reading Cel's blog daily and how it reminds me of the many things that I am grateful for. I pray that you will purpose in her to continue to do ao good work and that the manifestation will draw all men to you asking what must I do to be saved. I thank you for her willingness to pour over her blog messages and make them meaningful and relevent to not only herself but many others. I thank you that she is being real on the blog even though we know she is Kingdom minded. I declare that these messages will touch lives, heal , and restore where needed. I pray that you will fill her with grateful thoughts lest she find herself not having anything to write about. I pray that you will open doors for her through this blog in ways that she can't even imagine. We know that your ways are higher than our and your thoughts are higher so I ask that you will show yourself strong. We your people are watching and waiting. In Jesus name, AMEN! AMEN! AMEN! Glory to God.

            PS: I pray fire and brimstone and hot coals on those demons at Sallie Mae and I decree and declare that we have vistory over them and that they are defeated for generations to come in Jesus Name.


            1. LG, it's no coincidence, He would have out paths cross. I'll shall share 'our story' soon. Peace!

          2. Cel,

            Great blog!!! Love the gift!!! ;-)

          3. Amen! It's amazing how I can feel the excitement through this BLOG!!!! I mean, I can feel the energy literally jumping off of the screen! :-) In the words of Alecia Keys, "This GIRL is on FIRE!" The Holy Ghost has stirred something up in this CHICK and she is PECKING AWAY!!!! :-)

            A note from my journal during my 52 Days of Pecking Orders

            "God, although times might be difficult, You promise that all things are working for the good of those who believe and love You so I surrender everything into Your hands. I am grateful that You care for my every need, so I trust You in this circumstance to provide whatever I need during this season and seasons yet to come. Thank You Lord that my harvest is secure because You are faithful. I also thank You for the authority to bind and loose, so I bind the enemy from any attack on my harvest, my family, my church, my health, my friends, my business and I loose prosperity, abundance, agreement, increase, healing, wholeness, deliverance, wisdom, peace, joy, and love! I declare it in the name of Jesus, Amen."

            Cel, may you be encouraged to keep doing you as God alleviates you to another level of understanding for His sake... what shall you render unto the Lord?

            Rev. AB Wise

            1. Hey, you - you have no idea. Love ya, babe!