Friday, February 22, 2013

40 Days of Gratefulness - Day 9

"I live in the 3rd grade." I say it all the time and it's an indicator of my crazy sense of humor and how excited I can get about random stuff. Indicator, that's the statistician in me ... my bad.When I tell you I love the most bizarre things -- and they make me laugh like a child ... in the 3rd grade. For instance, I love seeing old people cursing. I don't know why but it cracks me up. Round kids with glasses. (Yes, round -- please don't use that cursed h word, husky - I'm still in need of counseling to get over seeing that word in my jeans from Sears when I was a kid.) Plumber's crack in church ... I did tap the young lady in question and tell her to tuck in her shirt. ;-)

Men with lady hips, men who play with little dogs, mullets and dirty@ss sneakers. Those are the things that get me going. Here, I am in the gym dunking - I call this 'Black Girlz Dunk' Yes, that's me (pre-bootcamp, I might add) and I still have mad hops.
Other things that crack me up is how excited I get and lose all cool. Just last summer, I actually met Regina Belle. Yes, the Regina Belle. I mean I LOVE REGINA BELLE. I even have a framed poster on the wall in my family room -- a real live poster, not a print cause I'm just that old school. And God bless her cause when I met her -- I hugged her neck like we were 'fam' and told her how I was a crazy fan and appreciated her testimony. We took a picture and she signed my cd, 'Ce-Ce Thanks for the Love!' You're welcome, Mrs. Belle!

You would think as I get older, I would cut it out but NOT. A meeting in DC could very well turn into cupcake wars -- Never heard of it. First, I go to Georgetown Cupcakes then I catch up with the food truck, Curbside Cupcakes and Cupcakes Wars is on!

And I 'm ready for it all the time. Look at me, getting it in with my shiny, new recycling bin. I was so pumped that I needed a picture. Even something as boring as taking out the recycling bin, now makes me smile and it's for a good cause. Truth be told, I'm an adventure 'ho.' Any mundane task is yet another opportunity to 'make it incredible.' That's my new mantra for 2013 ... Make it Incredible!

And I have no shame. Here, I am with Maurette Brown-Clark after service no doubt. I had met her a few times before as she's from the same chapter as my Roomdog (Day 2) but this is our first time taking a picture. Look at how serial killer crazy happy I look. We're hugged up like besties ;-)

And for as long as I can remember, I've been silly, intentionally trying to stay in the moment ...  enjoying this thing called life and trying to -- make it incredible. So on Day 9, I'm grateful for 'living in the 3rd grade.' #beblessed #40daysofgratefulness


  1. Well if you are "living in the 3rd grade" I guess it's okay for me to "live like a 5 year old." :-) I remember the age of five being a great time for me and as I grew older and experienced life a little bit more, I would tell my mother, "I sure do wish I could be five again... life was great then." :-) To the little kid in all of us... I hope we never lose it!

  2. I love hearing your 3rd grade cracks me up! It's the kid in us that makes us appreciate being an adult. Please continue this blog beyond 40 days...:)

    You already know~

  3. Cel
    Thanks for the laughs : )