Tuesday, May 7, 2013

40 Days of Gratefulness - Day 46

Hmm, I set out with every intention of capturing yet another adventure as me and the roomie (Day 23) went hiking (Day 29). That post was hilarious and I'd love to do another one because it really made me laugh. We took some great pictures so I'd imagine that hiking Part III is coming soon. But despite my plans, when I sat down to capture my thoughts, there was another plan at work.

Anyway, fooling around with that roomie, I had got to church super early - yup, 6:30AM and needed coffee badly lest I'd end up fighting an usher in the aisles because I was super tired. So off I go to get coffee on Sunday morning. I was surprised at the number of general contractor-types that were out. First, when have you known any contractor to work on Sunday? And despite them getting coffee at 6:30 AM, I've never seen them anywhere near my house that time of the morning, I digress.

So, here I am waiting in line just behind a gentleman who still reeked of alcohol. Haha, I remember those days, trying to absorb the previous evenings' liquid escapades with sugar or grease. Lo' and behold, a lady whose seen better days, says good morning to no one in particular. But, she sidles up right next to me. LOL While we wait, she starts taking off her shoes, rubbing her feet, stretches and begins to tell me about her evening that was filed with misfortune. I nod politely and smile. She tells me she just got released from the hospital. The Olivia Benson in me wonders what might she have done with her name bracelet. LOL

She goes on to say that I smell really good and that a long time ago, she had perfume like that too. That make me sad, sucker! That 3rd grader (Day 9) in me, falls for it every time like I've been waiting my entire life for possible homeless people looking for free coffee and donuts at 6:30AM in the morning to compliment me on my perfume.

I bite and ask her if she would like a cup of coffee. 'Yes, ma'am and how about 2 donuts as well, I didn't get much to eat.' Well, I can accommodate that request. Good thing,  she didn't want a dozen. ;-) She actually has a sense of humor and I wonder how she may have been under different circumstances. She tells me I'm funny when I tell the server 'I'd like my coffee with 4 creams;  just about your complexion.'

Then, she asks which way am I heading. I invite her to church. [ASIDE: I have definitely turned into my mother when I'm actually considering picking up strangers off the street. But I'm certain nothing bad will ever happen if you pick up a stranger and bring them to church. I really believe this!] Nope, she's not headed that way - she needs to go to Southeast. Well, I'm not taking her there. But, I could put her in a cab and look there's one right there filling up his gas tank. The cabbie is giving me the 'You know, she's a racket, right?' I do know and I give him a $20 bill. I notice that he's attractive, he asked what school I went to and did I live nearby -- I laugh, sorry, babe it's too early for game ;-)

I bid her farewell and hope she enjoys her $20 worth of time in that cab. By the way, she's so busy talking, she drops her coffee on the ground. I crack up laughing that she would come over to me in that line. For as long as I can remember, strangers have always picked me out in a crowd. I don't care if it's 100 people and my hair ain't been combed and I'm wearing a dirty, torn t-shirt and I'm a little musty, they are going to head straight to me and ask for something.

Why do strangers always seem to come to me? I used to think it was because I was the smallest one in the bunch or it could have been my little glasses. My roomdog (Day 2) says I remind folks of Puss in Boots, a little character that makes people laugh. It could be that I inherited it. My mom has a true servant's heart and got approached all the time when we were kids. And, she was notorious for picking up strangers and giving them rides. Well, I'd like to think a little of that may have fell my way but what I do have is good energy, the ability to talk to anyone and enough 3rd grader in me to leave Dunkin' Donuts $30 light when all I wanted was a cup of coffee.

So on this Day 46 of 40 days of gratefulness, I'm grateful for good energy. #beblessed #40daysofgratefulness

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